Why The Western World Is Going to Collapse

I personally do not like to repeat this statement but it explains the best; “The history repeats itself.” So what we have been repeating nowadays?

Although I believe the Roman Empire’s history has been exaggerated from what it really was, I can see clear similarities between the reasons why they collapsed and what we (especially so-called modern western world) are reading from the statistics.

The famous historian Edward Gibbon explains the main five reasons of the one of the biggest empire’s decline and collapse.

1- The concept of family as a core of all societies deteriorated and divorces became very common and normal.

Back in time, no one was talking about the degeneration of the bonds in a family and it was really rare that the couples divorced in Roma. However divorcement and separation become the society’s new normal in the first centuries BC, especially among the higher classes of the society. They married to divorce and they divorced to remarry. The marriages lost its essence.

When we look at today’s western world, every three out of four marriages turn into a fiasco. The marriages that last more than one year are only %35.

Due to the necessity of economic power union, the authority and managerial element in the family has been dispersed. The fact that there is no difference between the father and mother or that it is wanted so, has turned the family home into a hotel. Today, the child is in a state of burden that is dismissed as soon as possible without receiving the necessary upbringing and discipline. Children aged 17–19 are separated from the family, earn their living on their own, as if they start their lives in a hostel. These generations are the future of those countries and that future closely resembles the future of Rome.

2- Heavy taxes and increased spending

Roman currency had depreciated. The fertile lands under the empire’s rule were being lost one by one, and production was gradually decreasing. Gross national product had decreased and military expenses had increased tremendously.

The real measure showing the power of a country is the increase of the gross national product or economy of the people in terms of their spiritual, moral and mental character.

Selfishness and insatiable greed had been gaining ground for hundreds of years, and growth hysteria was becoming a national disease. like now..

It is impossible not to see this growth ambition and egoism in societies called super states today. As a result of this expansion, taxes increased terribly, and in parallel, insane spending with fantastic budgets. space exploration, entertainment expenses; trillions spent on beauty products… clothing and food costs as well.

The character of people is much more important than the greatness of a nation. Babylon, Iran, Greece, Rome, Spain, Ottoman and France went through the status of being the richest nations in the world. This could not save them, and in the end, their wealth left just some ruins for them.

History shows that the relentless increase in taxes, debt and inflation was one of the five reasons that prepared the collapse of the proud Roman Empire.

People’s ‘desire to live above their level’, their ‘regular debts and frequent bankruptcy movements’ are repeated today as if they are imitating Roma.

3- Despite all these conditions, the ever-developing demand for entertainment and sports with a very tough character continued in Rome.

There are still rumors of debauchery, waste, insane expenses, and days of entertainment in Roman Empire.

4- The development in the production of weapons to counter the ever-increasing threats of hostile attacks brought the destruction of Roma. Preserving the greatness, wealth and superiority, maintaining the integrity of the vast lands, and having a large number of military forces ready.. this required enormous expenses.

This is exactly the case now. The biggest place in the economic structure of the nations is spent on defense expenses, the production of weapons of terrible power is developing at a great speed. The wars are endless; being rubbed off by the discovery of devastating weapons of war. threat, threat, threat…

This increased potential will eventually become uncontrollable. Another World War would probably completely change the shape of the world map.

5- The fall of religions that stopped guiding the people and became chaotic ceremonies.

Every ethnic group had their temple. And in these temples, only a lot of ceremonies were held, but the spiritual education of the people was not done. Religions were a vehicle for politics. They had a duty to provide material interests, to be a means to increase the authority of those in power over the people, and they had nothing to do with the real religious movement.

Thus, the five main reasons that destroyed Roma, unfortunately, have emerged in every country, large and small, today due to ignorance. It is usual for such situations to occur at the end of the Evolvement Circuits.



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